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About Us

Nettora Systems (NS) is an A2P and M2M business messaging provider with in-depth knowledge and experience in launching and optimising messaging services. NS provides tailor-made messaging strategies and solutions to enterprises, messaging service providers and mobile operators. The NS team has large experience in all sorts of messaging channels such as SMS, RCS, Viber and WhatsApp, for both wholesale and retail industries.

NS supports its customers with a full suite of services, from refining their marketing strategy to service launch and from running the day-to-day operations to further optimization of the service based on its performance.

We are always committed to the success of our customers and to achieve this goal, we have assembled a team of industry experts, all of whom have collectively decades of experience working in the messaging industry.

Our Team

We are a diverse group of dynamic and talented people, who work together with dedication to solve the biggest challenges on enterprise messaging. Our team is a mix of professionals from a range of technical and scientific fields who lead our company and its clients towards success.

We believe in an inclusive workplace and we are committed to being a welcoming, friendly and inclusive place for everyone regardless of their race, color, sex, religion or the place they live in. We support, encourage and foster the qualities of respect and transparency within our organization and we firmly believe that these qualities lead us to success.


We help our clients upgrade their communications and achieve their targets with a wide range of services such as tailor-made strategies and consultancy, 2-Factor Authentication using One Time PINs (OTPs), Bulk SMS and more.

Establishing Synergies

After decades of experience in the market, our firm has established and maintains excellent relationship with people working in key positions at most major playes of the telecom industry. Our firm can act as a broker and facilitator for our clients and help them fulfil their objectives by developing synergies where all parties involved are mutually benefited.
By leveraging our unique knowledge and our contacts in the telecom industry, we assist telecom companies in establishing partnerships and defining their business strategy, including market positioning, business development approach and finally the execution plan to achieve their goals.

Consultancy for Telcos

Our company is a privately owned and independent consulting firm with many years of significant experience in M2M and A2P mobile messaging. We help SMS Aggregators and other companies in the Telco industry to develop, launch and run messaging services and products such as SMS campaigns, OTT Services and WhatsApp Business Messaging.
As many companies want to invest in mobile messaging but don’t know how to start, there is a need in the market for firms that can provide guidance and expertise to bridge the gap. This is where we step in. Committed to the success of each customer, we gather decades of experience working in the messaging industry.

OTP Authentication

Provide secure access to authenticated users with 2-Factor Authentication (2-FA) using One Time PINs (OTPs). OTP service is essential to ensure that only the right person is allowed access to the confidential information on your website or application. Financial institutions and banks can prevent fraud by using our OTP API avoiding potential legal problems, loss of funds and damaged reputation. Our 2-FA OTP service provides high security by generating a one-time PIN and validating it if received within the allotted time for the user to be authenticated successfully. All connections between systems are established under strong encryption to ensure further protection against advanced threats and other cybersecurity risks.

Bulk SMS

Every message is an opportunity to create an innovative and exciting experience for your customers. Send bulk SMS messages to your targeted customers using your web account or directly through your CRM app. By using our high performance, responsive SMS service our clients can quickly launch their messaging campaigns to engage their customers and drive sales. Our SMS solutions are suitable for small and large businesses alike.

Marketing SMS

Drive conversions and spark conversations with your SMS marketing campaigns. Boost customer engagement with SMS marketing by reaching potential customers to convert and retain them. Utilizing SMS as a tool for marketing communications generates always more leads and visibility when compared to email and push notifications. Using our easy to use web interface and dashboard, our clients can create and schedule campaigns, view available credits, track delivery and success rates.

Short Codes

Our company provides 1-Way and 2-Way Short Codes to enable sending of branded SMS messages with your personalized Sender ID. Adding your brand name on your outgoing SMS communication increases the value of your message as recipients will instantly recognize your brand. You can also use 2-way Short Codes to get feedback from customers or process inbound messages with pre-defined keywords to trigger actions or responses depending on your business needs. Creating interactive marketing campaigns with 2-Way SMS can be used to engage customers in a conversation and improve brand recognition.

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  • 24/7 Live Support

Solutions for Industries

Wholesale, enterprise, omni-channel or not, we are able to upgrade your messaging platform or to suggest the best platform or software for your business. Our firm is the ideal partner to guide you through the tools needed for your telecom messaging needs.

For SMS Aggregators

Connect to our carrier-grade platform and unlock enterprise messaging delivery to 5+ billion subscribers of 1100+ mobile operators. Expand your coverage and enrich your business offering with secure messaging, mission-critical transactions, marketing notifications, service alerts and more.

For Airlines

Enterprise Cloud Messaging Platform designed specifically for Airlines for sending passenger alerts & notifications, marketing campaigns, promotions & special offers, enabling them to increase passenger convenience and satisfaction while driving sales.

For Banks

Sending OTPs with strong encryption for authenticating users to access their bank account, SMS notifications for credit/debit card transactions, for ATM withdrawals, for receiving information and advertising messages from the bank, as well as notifying customers about new services and more.

For Online Stores

E-commerce is growing exponentially and online stores need to have a reliable messaging platform for notifying customers about the status of an order, new goods and services.

For Retail Chains

Traditional retail businesses are adopting new technologies to increase sales by sending SMS marketing campaigns to inform their customers for discounts and special offers.

For Courier & Postal Services

Enterprise Messaging Platform for Postal & Courier services for sending parcel tracking notifications, delivery status and pick-up facility information while increasing consumer convenience and satisfaction.

For Travel & Tourism

Enterprises that are in the travel, tourism or hospitality industries, have to use SMS to communicate with their customers and provide them with excellent customer support by sending them alerts, confirmations, tips about their travel and more. These companies can integrate their existing software with our API to interact with existing and prospective customers which will not only foster their loyalty but also ensure that they will come back again.

For Insurance

SMS messaging has transformed the way insurance companies communicate with their customers. Whether a small agency or a big enterprise in the insurance industry, companies of any size can integrate their software with our platform and exploit the power of SMS messaging to secure more leads, boost customer retention and improve collections while provide their customers with a seamless experience.

For Healthcare

For today's healthcare companies and institutions, using SMS to communicate with their personnel and patients is absolutely necessary as it saves time, eliminates delays and ultimately reduces costs. Healthcare companies can integrate their existing medical software and monitoring systems with our platform to manage patient bookings, remind them about their appointments and avoid last minute cancellations.

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